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Watchet and District Mens Skittle League

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  Pairs Preliminary Round  
Matches to be played Tuesday 14th April  2020
Alleys have been booked. Play to start 7.30 promt except Bell Inn and Wyndham Arms which will be 8 pm.
  Carew Arms  
West Somerset Specials       Three Ferrets
Don McGee Dave Perkins       Rob Norman and Chris Adams
Tony Chambers Simon Kidner, Ryan Perkins       Martyn Baker and Tyrone Ash
Keith Jenkins Brian Chatterton       Ashley baker and Simon Norman
Colin Wood  Pete Truman       Arnie Priest and Chris Lewis
  White Horse Stogumber  
Dark Horses       Williton Club
Tony Megit Adrian Fish       Steve King, Dave Langdon
Eddy Baker Roger Harris       Roger Willis Nigel Bray
Tony Cornish Phil Trunks Jamie Williams       Dave Sully Brian Bellamy
Paul Tregidgo James Knox       Chris Duck T Koppa
  White Horse Washford  
Q C Guys       Bell All Stars
Mark Willis Tim Short Colin Burnett       Philip Feltham, Nick James, Barrie Jones
Mike Stout Ian Parbery Clive Norman       Adam Taplin, John Perkins, W.Knight
Stuart Norman Archie Walsh Craig Walsh       Alan Cridlin, A.Trunks, 
Mark Norman Dan Perkins Rob Marlor       Mike Higgins, Jim Nicholas, M.Robinson
  Railway Williton  
Outsiders/Ball Boys       Wranglers/Wyndham Pinheads
Adrian Roberts Albert Hayes       Dan Bulpin Callum Tarr Alan Bulpin
Richard Butt  Martin Nurton       A Bland R Lovell A Harrod
Richard Parsons Lee Johnson Smith       Keith Jones Derek Sully Ian Whithead
Andrew Burnell Stewart Ford       Andy Pegg  Chris James Andy Porter
  Williton Social Club  
H'Ford Harriers/Wyndham Oddballs       Dungbeetles/Railway Steamers
Kevin Hole Cliff Matravers Darren Bulpin       Paul Gunter, Brian Winter, Aaron Kendall
Roger Howe Nick Witcher Stuart Witcher       Gary Kendall Paul Mansell Paul Cloudsdale
Darren Towells  Alf Goble       Phil Hayes Sean Kendall
Alan Chattell, Jimmy Gulliford       Cam Munro Matt Burns Shane Yaw
  Bell Inn Watchet  
Muskateers       Castaways
Paul Chilcott  Stephan Law       Neil Lane, Steve Duck Clive Penfold
Matt Phillips  Simon Manley       Nick Lane, Clive Perkins, Michael Lane
Steve Howard  Ian Clapp  Ron Phillips       Shaun Sowden, Shaun Walsh, Lewis Penfold
  Wyndham Arms  
Has Beens       White Horse Stallions
Stuart Mitchim Thomas Wright Dave Bellett       M Hood M Bennett
John Wilkinson Mark Clausen Tony Clausen       J Hewitt G Harper
Steve Allen Geoff Allen Lewis Allen       K Isley J Wisdom S Hogvolt
Allsorts and Bicknoller A receive bye.